Flaminio Pasta: artisanal durum wheat semolina pasta

Made with only the finest durum wheat flour to guarantee the right consistency for every size of pasta so it remains firm to the bite once cooked.

Made with special bronze dies, the surface of the pasta is rough and porous so it soaks up the sauce better.

It is dried slowly for more than 24 hours at a low temperature (less than 55°) so the pasta cooks uniformly and does not break as it is boiled.

These are the secrets that make Pasta Flaminio simply unique and special, able to preserve all of the nourishing elements found in its ingredients and enhance any type of sauce, from the most elaborate to the lightest.

Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina flour, water
With no added preservatives or artificial colourings
No GMOs in the raw ingredients

Shapes: Strangozzi, Paccheri rigati, Penne rigate, Spaghetti, Trivelle, Calamarata rigata

Packages: 500 g bags – 12 bags per carton


Thickness 2 mm
Width 3,5 mm
Length of strings 280 mm

Paccheri rigati

Thickness 1,6 mm
Width 24 mm
Length of strings 60 mm

Penne rigate

Thickness 1,4 mm
Width 13 mm
Length of strings 50/60 mm


Width 2,2 mm
Length of strings 250 mm


Thickness 1,4 mm
Width 16 mm
Length of strings 50 mm

Calamarata rigata

Thickness 1,6 mm
Width 24 mm
Length of strings 30 mm