Flaminio tuna fish fillets in extra-virgin olive oil

Flaminio Tuna Fish is caught in the high sea, in the Cantabrian Sea, North of Spain, using bamboo rods and fresh fish bait, according to ancient tradition: the use of nets would compromise the compactness and quality of the tuna, and would constitute a serious danger for some species, such as dolphins.

The catch of the day is unloaded in the evening and by the next morning it is already being processed while fresh, carefully cleaned, and divided up into fillets. Next it is packaged in glass jar, all by hand, to keep the organoleptic characteristics of the fish intact.

Processing the fish by hand, choosing only the best parts of the tuna one by one, guarantees the quality of the final product, which is further improved by the use of extra-virgin olive oil.

Flaminio tuna fish, with its compact, pink flesh, has a clear, clean flavour and is perfect for preparing light hors d’oeuvres and flavourful, quick dishes like salads, pastas, stuffed tomatoes, condiments and sauces. An excellent dish of outstanding quality.

Packaging: 190 g glass jars (145 g drained) – packages with 12 jars.