Extra-virgin Olive Oil

Olive Oil D.O.P. UMBRIA



Flaminio Biologico Olive oil (ORGANIC) 100% Leccino

FLAMINIO non filtrato Olive oil (UNFILTERED)

Only extra-virgin, only cold pressed!

There are five types of extra-virgin olive oil that we produce: thanks to the various degrees of ripeness of the olives and the various percentages of cultivars that are used, there are five fruity olive oils that can be combined with various dishes and various flavours.


Aceto di vino Rosso Umbria IGT (red wine vinegar)

Aceto balsamico Modena BASE IGP (BASE balsamic vinegar)

Aceto balsamico Modena PLATINO IGP (PLATINUM balsamic vinegar)

As ancient as wine, vinegar is the condiment par excellence in the Italian culinary tradition.

Like its olive oil line, Flaminio offers various vinegar products to best satisfy the wide variety of culinary needs: Rosso Umbria IGT wine vinegar (the first from Umbrian wine) and two balsamic vinegars, aged for various periods of time and at various levels of sweetness and density. Our balsamic vinegar is made only with grape must, care, passion, knowledge and the slow passage of time.

Umbria artisanal pasta

Semolina flour


The pillar of the Mediterranean diet.

Along with extra-virgin olive oil, pasta is undoubtedly one of the pillars of the Mediterranean diet.
Bronze drawing and slow drying at a low temperature are the main characteristics of the ten types of Flaminio egg or durum wheat semolina pasta.

Legumes of Umbria



Chick peas




The basis of the human diet.

Since antiquity legumes have been the basis of the human diet. Today, their properties are appreciated in nutritional terms, to such an extent that they play an important role in the Mediterranean diet.
The range of Flaminio legumes is based on authentic farm tradition, gathering together its most typical products.

NATURAL ESSENCE – Flavour infused oil

Olive oil
& chilli pepper

Olive oil
& lemon

Olive oil
& basil

Olive oil
& black truffle

Only the taste of nature.

A touch of tasty creativity? Olio Flaminio Natural Essence!
Our Delicato (Delicate) extra-virgin olive oil (chosen so it does not mask the flavours), with the addition of essential oils, natural extracts…
with no chemical ingredients, only the taste of nature.

Preserved in olive oil



Tuna and Olives

Preserved exclusively in extra-virgin olive oil, our pitted Leccino olives and Atlantic yellow fin tuna fish, for an hors d’oeuvre or aperitif full of goodness.