My name is Irene Guidobaldi

I work alongside my father Angelo, who tends to the olive groves, and my brother Ernesto, who is our taster, to produce extra-virgin olive oil in Trevi, a city in the Umbria Region that I call home.

After studying law and working in the legal field in Milan and Rome, I went back home to Umbria: the family business was growing and my father needed help…

Going back home was not hard for me at all. I have always been “anointed in oil” as the saying goes: when I was a girl I went for walks with my grandfather in his olive groves, as a teenager I “worked ” in the summer bottling olive oil to earn pocket money…

I am an eighth-generation olive grower and a fourth-generation olive oil producer: a passion for olive oil is part of my DNA, it runs through my veins!

I live and work in Trevi, where olives are not just a legend: they are history.

According to tradition, the patron saint and protector of my city, St. Emiliano, was tied to an olive tree in Trevi and killed over 1700 years ago during the persecution of the Christians by Emperor Diocletian. This tale was recorded in writing in the 11th century. This olive tree, which is said to be St. Emiliano’s, still produces olives!

The family business was already established when it went from being managed by my great-grandfather as an individual grower to becoming the first cooperative for olive growers, founded by my grandfather in the 1960s. The most important development in the history of the business happened in 1985, when my father established Società Agricola Trevi.

So, I had to find my own space within the company!

Società Agricola Trevi Il Frantoio (The Olive Mill Agricultural Company of Trevi) was based on making direct sales to private individuals, and there was no line specifically dedicated to shops, eateries and catering: it seemed I had found my place! How?

The creation of The Flaminio Olive Oil Range.

The name comes from the Via Flaminia, a road on which the old company headquarters had once been located. It was a consular road of Ancient Rome, which allowed for the transport of olive oil from Trevi to the Papal Court as far back as 1300 BC.

Over the years, Olio Flaminio has expanded: alongside the olive oils I have selected handcrafted pastas, legumes and typical grains from my region…

Now The Flaminio Olive oil Range can be found at many eateries and restaurants in Italy and abroad, but I’m not finished yet…. I am always looking for something new, always seizing new opportunities to promote Olio Flaminio!